General Information

Student arrival and dismissal

Elementary students will not be permitted to enter the school building prior to  8:35 a.m.   Dismissal will begin at 3:30 p.m. The Fogelsville staff will be available to supervise the arrival and dismissal of students. The following locations and times will be used for the arrival and dismissal of students.

    Location   Arrival Time Dismissal Time
Parent Transport:   Gym Doors     8:35-8:48 a.m.   3:30-3:40 p.m.
Bus Students:       Main Entrance    8:35-8:48 a.m.   3:30-3:40 p.m.

​​​​​​​Delays and cancellations due to inclement weather

A communication system called Connect-Ed will be utilized to inform parents of all late starts, early dismissals and cancellations due to weather and other emergencies. If you need to verify that we have your contact information or it needs to be set up, please contact the office. Scheduled Early Dismissals are indicated on the Parkland District Calendar which every family will receive when school starts.

Procedures for Students who arrive late or leave early

Parents of any student who arrives late to school or leaves early from school must sign the student in or out in the school office. This procedure is mandatory in order to keep accurate attendance records and maintain student security. Parents should remind students of this procedure whenever it is necessary. A written request from parents is necessary for a student to leave school early and must be given to the classroom teacher in the morning. Parents need to meet their child at the school office when a student is scheduled to leave school early. *When dropping your child off in the morning, please note that we will be closing the back door by 8:48 am in order for the students to be in the classroom by 8:50 a.m. Please allow your child to exit your vehicle on the passenger side for safety reasons.

In the event of an emergency, parents must request permission from the school principal for a student to leave school early. Whenever necessary, these requests should be made as soon as possible to avoid any delay or confusion. Classroom teachers will release the student to the parent when this permission is granted. Parents are asked to complete the Vacation/Emergency Permit, which is available in the office. In all cases, students will be released only to their custodial parent unless written or verbal permission from the custodial parent is received to do otherwise.

If a written note is not received, the student will be sent home on his or her bus.

​​​​​​​Emergency/Vacation Permits

From time to time, unusual circumstances may occur which require that a student be excused for a portion of a school day, a full day or days. If the situation involves a full day of school and is known in advance, the parent should complete the Vacation/Emergency Form prior to the student’s absence with a full explanation or the nature of the absence. These forms can be requested to be sent home with your child.

Students who are absent from school due to illness

Parents are asked to call the school BEFORE 9:30 AM. This is also a good time to request homework. Please call 610-351-5900 extension 22711 to access the Fogelsville Absentee Hotline.

If a phone call is made to report an absence, a written excuse is not necessary for any student absent from school. If a call is not made, a written excuse must be given to the classroom teacher when the student returns to school. Parents need to contact the school nurse when a student has been absent for three or more consecutive days due to illness. Parents are requested to provide written notification for extended student absence from school due to health reasons in advance of the absence. This written notification should be directed to the classroom teacher.

After three (3) days of absence’s, the school nurse, principal, or school secretary may call the home to inquire the reason for the absence.

Physician’s excuse requirement

After 10 days of absence from school in any one school term, a physician’s certificate of illness may be required for any student covered by the Compulsory Attendance Law. Any absence not so certified by a physician’s certificate of illness may be declared “unexcused/illegal” and all the penalties of this code made effective.

Administration of Medicines

The school nurse or the nurse’s aide will administer medications to students during the school day with parental and/or physician permission. Parents must complete a “Medical Authorization Form” before any medication can be dispensed at school.       In addition, parents are required to bring the medication to school. Medication should not be sent to school with a student. These procedures are mandatory to ensure the proper and safe administration of medications. Parents are advised to contact the school nurse or nurse’s aide whenever it is necessary to administer medication to their child during the school day.

Lunch Menu Options

A main entree will be offered to all students in Kindergarten through fifth grade for lunch. An alternative entree will be offered to students in Second through Fifth grade. Kindergarten and First grade will get the alternative lunch in late October.

Students may bring a lunch from home or purchase a school lunch. The following cafeteria prices are in effect for this school year:

Lunch $2.60

A la Carte Milk $ .50

Breakfast is available for $1.40

*Students who receive free lunch can get free breakfast. Students who receive reduced lunch can get the reduced breakfast. You can sign up for free/reduced lunch on

Money may be deposited into a student’s account any morning before the start of school. Deposits in the form of cash or checks, payable to the “PSD Cafeteria Account,” need to be placed in an envelope clearly marked with the student’s name and the teacher’s name. If a parent would like to deposit money into more than one child’s account, the envelope should clearly indicate the amount to be deposited into each account. Students may place their envelope in the CAFTRAC box in the cafeteria as they arrive at school.

The CAFTRAC operator will alert students of a low balance in their account. If an account reaches a negative balance of $2.00, on Wednesday, a letter requesting additional money will be sent home. If the negative balance reaches $10.00, the cafeteria staff will call home.

Parkland School District also offers On-Line Payment Service @

Calendar of School Events

The Parkland School District Activities Calendar provides district-wide information for school events at all schools in the district. A copy of the Parkland School District Activities Calendar will be sent home during the first week of school with the youngest member of the family. In addition, the calendar is available on Parkland's website at  Parents can also go to the Fogelsville website to view all of our events.                                                                                                                                 
In our continued effort to be a “green” school, we utilize the E-Communications Folder located at the top of our page. This folder is updated weekly with all news and flyers that have, in the past, been sent home with the students.

Communicating with Staff by Voicemail

Parents may leave a voice message for any staff member by dialing 610-351-5900 followed by that staff member’s extension #. An updated staff list is available on the school website.

Field Trips

Students and teachers will be involved in field trips throughout the school year. Parental permission to participate in field trips is necessary for all students. A 1st Week of School Web Portal will be set up for parents to deny or consent to field trips.

Teachers will provide parents with advance notice for all field trips. This notice will include the date, time, and location of the field trip along with the intent of the field trip. Parents should alert teachers to any special accommodations their child may need when participating in a field trip.